Message From the East

Worshipful Master's February 2024 Message


The western Sun laid down low.
Illumination by the aid of those three only guides those with the eyes to see.
To walk in darkness is to stumble when the eyes see no light.
Lift your head dear Brother, light surrounds you and me.
The tapers, light.
The East, light.
Your brother, light.
Do not stay buried in the rubbish.
Emerge to higher ground.
Light is all around you, do you not see?
Rising in the East.
Midday, noon.
Resting in the West.
Light is all around us.
We asked and received.
Granted to be.
Look to the center, there you will find light in the form of three.
Look to the East there the light will be.

Bro. Benjamin Miller, WM