Worshipful Master's Message for May 2019

Brethren All,

I hope everyone had a good Easter, and Passover this year. We seem to be getting a lot of interest in the Craft, lately. A lot of new potential candidates have been showing up to dinners. We need to be there for these guys, and lead by example to show them our support for our honorable fraternity. Our passion for Masonry will spark their interest in joining our lodge. The more people that show up, the better the experience will be-for us, and the potential initiates. Remember too, that just showing up to lodge is not enough. We must practice what we preach outside of the lodge room as well. Live the tenets of our institution and good people will follow. We must do this to keep the Fraternity alive and well.

We are going to have a very exciting, and busy May! First off, on May 6th we will hold a Fellow Craft degree for Brother Jose Lopez. Second, on May 18th we will have a special communication for a Master Mason degree for Brothers Andrew Smith and Mason Sellars. This Master Mason degree will start at 11:00 am, and it is on a Saturday. We will have lunch and dinner that day so your RSVP would be much appreciated. You may RSVP myself, or Bro. Drew Albrecht at our emails: patrickgood@comcast.net, drwalbrecht@yahoo.com.

Note that on May 20, we will have a special guest speaker. RWB Kevin Townley will give a talk on the phenomenon of initiation.

I have not yet received a word from any of the brethren on whether they can volunteer for our child ID booth, and dunk tank for Buffalo Bill Days. This is a BIG event for us and is a good chance to show the public what we are all about while having some good fun. We need all the brethren we can get to pull this off. Please let myself, or Worshipful Brother Byron Walker know if you can help us with this endeavor. Buffalo Bill Days is held July 26th – July 28th this year. You may contact us at: patrickgood@comcast.net, or byrongalicem@gmail.com.

Finally, let us not forget our mother's who have done so much for us. Happy Mother's Day!

Patrick Good, WM